• Video: How to Order & Variations

    Let us show you our variations and how to order. We do the work; you get all the credit!

  • Styles of Garland

    What style or variation are you looking for?
    We've divided our garlands into three style groups to help you narrow down what you're looking for.

    Showcases the leaf shapes of the component foliage for visual impact.

    Includes most of our magnolia choices

    A luxurious mix of softer foliage for an elegant presence.

    Includes our #1 seller: Sprengeri & Plumosus

    Unique modern mixes for events, weddings & seasonal display.

    Includes top choices for Fall and Christmas

  • Need Garland Images for Presentations?

    If you need images for presentations to clients or for your own catalogs, we have created a Dropbox folder for you which contains all the garland images for you in one place. Click the button below to go to the Dropbox folder.

  • Garland Ordering Information

    How to order Alpha Fern Pre-Made Garlands

    Fresh Handmade Garlands….Just HOW Many Ways Can We CREATE Your Next Wedding Accent & Time Saver?

    Garlands are made to order and can come in just about any combination imaginable. In the galleries above, you will see our more frequent or popular sellers.


    Sprengeri & Plumosus is our #1 seller with Salal & Plumosus as our #2. Seasonal Garlands are also available and pictures of those will be posted in early fall.

    Garland ordering can be confusing at times so if you are looking for something different, take a look at the choices above and tell your favorite wholesaler to give us a call! We'll help you and your wholesaler put together the perfect garland for your upcoming events and occasions.

    1) Determine the linear footage needed.

    You CAN order any linear footage you need! In most cases there is an additional per foot charge for garlands less than 15 feet in length.

    2) Start with your base foliage.

    We list these first in all of our price sheets, catalogs, and online in the photo’s. When a garland is ordered the first item listed, Spr/Plu, for example, the Sprengeri is the base to the garland and the Plumosus is the accenting green.

    3) Add accent foliage.

    Feel free to add as many accent foliage items as you would like. Keep in mind, the more accents you add, the thicker and more rigid the finished garland will arrive.

    4) How do you want the ends finished?

    You can request the garlands be finished on both ends or left natural. If you don’t request both ends finished, by default, the garland will come with a handle (starting point). If you have pre-measured your sections, this may help save some time “finishing off” one of the ends.

    5) What design style should we use?

    Garlands can be designed traditionally, where the accenting greens are grouped together as florets, just waiting for your beautiful floral or ribbon accents. They can also be designed as a “True Mix” where the accenting greens are distributed evenly throughout your base foliage. Since "true mix" is ordered less frequently, PLEASE be specific with the wording of this request – only a garland ordered as a TRUE MIX will be designed that way.

    6) Get creative!

    Now is your chance to get CREATIVE! We do all the hard, time consuming work. You get to have all the fun! Garlands are the perfect swags, aisle runners, arch decor, table runners, church entry decor, and more – so feel free to ask for a specific mix if you don’t see one on our website and we will customize it to your exact decor needs!

    7) Care for your delivered garland.

    If you need to get your garland ahead of the event, keep your garland in the bag and store it in the cooler. Wet or spritz with water daily to encourage the freshest look for every event.

    8) Ordering Time Frames

    In a perfect world, we would love a full week's notice on all garland orders. For Rush orders, we are, in MOST instances, able to ship garlands the next day. Rush orders are limited to stock on-hand and may incur additional design fees. Ultra Rush service, i.e. same day shipping, is sometimes available for an additional fee.  Ultra Rush orders always incur additional fees and design limitations. 


    Rush orders are NOT preferred and will often keep us from guaranteeing you we can get the exact mix you want.  We promise to do our very best to accommodate your needs and exceed your expectations.  We will provide you any necessary alterations to the mix or the shipping time frame if that becomes necessary.