April 13, 2021

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At Alpha Fern, we have over 30 years of experience in cultivating the highest-quality foliage and floral greens. In fact, we’re the leading floral-greens farmers in the country! We back all of our products, 100%, producing greens that are suited for any occasion or event. From garlands to pre-greened containers, we’re proud to be a family-led, family-first company.

If you’ve ever had questions about Alpha Fern, our products or how to order your own foliage, keep reading! We’re answering some of our most commonly asked questions.

Alpha Fern’s Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What Kind of Floral Greens Do You Offer?

We offer a wide variety of floral greens for arrangements, along with wreaths and garlands. We offer pre-greened foliage, like our Drop & Go bouquets, for easy arranging and an array of beautiful greens like ruscus, leatherleaf and cocculus.

Q: How Can I View Your Pricing?

You can view our pricing for each of our products when you create an account with Alpha Fern. Pricing can vary based on the product and stem count, as well as how many units you’d like to order. Some products may also have a minimum order quantity.

Q: How Do I Create an Account?

Creating an account with Alpha Fern is easy! You can access our account creation page on our website. You’ll need to provide us with some basic information for shipping, along with:

  • Four references
  • A bank reference
  • A reseller’s certificate

Once your account has been created, you can view all of our pricing and place an order. If you have any questions at all about creating your account, you can always contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Q: What Are the Sizes and Stem Counts for Your Greens?

The sizes and stem counts for our products can vary depending on the product. In addition, you can order some products in different colors. Our garlands also come in varying thickness and lengths, depending on the occasion or your needs. Wreaths can be single- or double-sided, and two wreaths are included per case.

Q: Do You Make Wreaths or Garlands for Special Occasions?

Our wreaths and garlands can work for any season or occasion. We carry wreaths for both the holiday season as well as for special events, with multiple combinations available to choose from. Our garlands and wreaths are guaranteed to last and backed by quality!

Q: How Long Have You Been in Business?

Alpha Fern has been growing top-quality foliage and greens since 1975. Our farm is based in sunny Florida, and we ship our foliage worldwide. Not only have we been in business for over 30 years, but we’re also committed to sustainability for all of our farming. And as a family-owned and operated company, we treat all of our customers like they’re a part of the Alpha Fern family.

Q: Do You Work With Florists?

Yes! Our pre-greened timesaving containers and Drop & Go bouquets are ideal for creating flower arrangements for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and birthdays or anniversaries. These products are easy to work with and arrange.

We also work with event specialists for events like weddings and family gatherings. Our wide array of foliage is versatile and suitable for any occasion or need.

Q: How Can I Contact You About My Order?

At Alpha Fern, we’re committed to providing unmatched customer service. If you have any questions about an order, you can always contact us by phone or email. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have!

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From farm to vase, Alpha Fern is one of the top floral-greens growers in the country. We’ve been dedicated to providing top-quality greenery to all of our customers for over thirty years, and we back all of the products we carry from stem to leaf.

Whether you’re a florist or event planner, Alpha Fern carries foliage and greens for any event or occasion. All of our products, from our pre-greened time-saving containers to our gorgeous garlands, are cultivated on our farm to ensure quality and freshness. Create an account with Alpha Fern to get your order started today!

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