• Christmas Time Savers

    When your biggest holiday season approaches, what will you have in your cooler to help you save time stocking the display cooler or creating those event centerpieces without sacrificing your holiday style!

    Southern Charm

    Versatile & Economical

    Just the right amount of...well everything. Not too large, not too small, just the right price, Evergreens with just a hint of magnolia! This piece is the PERFECT choice for long or oblong tables.

    Oval Simplicity

    Sweet Little Centerpiece

    This is your small rounded centerpiece that will save you time and money in a pinch. Keep these in mind for those large corporate dinner parties - it's a great size for a 6 or 8 top table.

    Pre-Greened Christmas Woodland Planter

    Rustic & Versatile

    With choices in a 5" Square or 6" Square, this Time Saver gives you much versatility to design flowers at a low, mid, and higher price level. It also stays in trend with the natural elements continuing to appear this holiday season.

    Pre-Greened Christmas Woodland Planter Long

    A Must Have in your Holiday Cooler

    Tis the season to be jolly...and go to more dinners and parties than any other time of the year. This is the perfect Time Saver for holiday centerpieces and Gifts alike. Keep them natural or build up to a premium design.

  • Fall Time Savers

    Use these products to save you time and boost your profitability!

    Pre-Greened Cornucopia

    Available in Small & Large Sizes

    Small Size has a finished length of 15"

    Large has a finished length of 24"

    Created with Oasis foam on a hard plastic liner, this cornucopia is filled with the seasons best and longest lasting foliage. Sell as is or Accent with Flowers.

    Pre-Greened 4.5" Ceramic Planters

    An ESSENTIAL & ECONOMICAL part of any florist’s holiday arsenal

    Not only a great time saver for the holidays, they work just as well for everyday designs! These provide controlled cost of goods and an easy starting point for small designs or centerpieces

  • Fall Wreaths & Garland

    Welcome Autumn to your home with our fresh wreaths and garlands.

    Long Lasting Mixed Fall Wreath

    Our Wreaths come in 3 main sizes with a finished diameter of 16 Inches, 20 Inches, and 24 Inches. We recommend 20 Inches for standard size doors and 24 inches for oversized doors. The smaller, 16 Inch diameter works great for table centerpieces, windows and propped as a accent to many areas in your home.

    Long Lasting Fall Garlands

    Welcome your friends and family to your home with this lush and vibrant fall garland around your door. It displays equally well down railings, swagged under windows, or as your holiday table runner.

  • Grab & Go Seasonal Consumer Bouquets

    Grab that extra sale with a Grab-and-Go Seasonal Consumer Bouquet Station at your store. Every florist loves an add-on and these are a must have. They last a long time, will dry naturally if undisturbed and provide such a great color and scent near your check out station.

    Fall Consumer Bouquets

    Fall Consumer Mixed Foliage Bouquet

    Filled with Gorgeous Magnolia Leaves, Vibrant Two-Tone Oak Leaves, and the Rich Green of Leyland Cypress. Ask us about our case specials and set up your Grab-and-Go Stations today!

    Christmas Consumer Bouquets

    Christmas Consumer Mixed Foliage Bouquet

    Stately and Long Lasting, these foliage's will dry naturally and will not deteriorate if left undisturbed. Ask us about our case specials and set up your Grab-and-Go Stations today!