• Hurricane Irma Damage Recap:

    1) Damage was somewhat positional. Many fields were damaged worse than what was experienced from Hurricane Matthew while a minority of fields experienced less damage than during Matthew. Overall, it will take at least another year on top of the work still ongoing from Matthew recovery for us to fully recover from all the damage from both Matthew and Irma.

    2) Substantial damage was done to saran covers throughout all our fields, and to the fields of our friends in the industry. Currently all efforts in our field operations team are focused on clearing fallen trees and restoring temporary saran cover to fields. Cover is an emergency issue for us as it is necessary to prevent sunburns on tender floral greenery. Remember, ferns and other floral greens only grow in filtered shade.

    3) We will be limited to stock-on-hand and a small amount of newly cut greens for at least the next week. Please communicate your needs to us as early as possible. Our ability to fill large last minute orders is currently very limited.

    4) All our staff are safe and accounted for. As of Thursday, September 14, 2017, most still do not have power. Many do not have running water (as much of the area relies on wells). Alpha is blessed to have generator capacity to run operations, water pumps and some of our cooler capacity.

    5) Our office is currently running without air conditioning and bathroom facilities require manual water filling. [Many of us grew up in the country with outhouses either at our house or in the family so we've had to teach some of the younger folks how that works. 😉 ] Our staff who have water and power (either grid or generator) have offered accommodations, showers and supplies to all our staff who do not have power and water.

    6) While our office is without AC and pressurized bathroom plumbing, we do have our phones and internet back in full operation - and thanks to the generator they are usable.

    7) Some of our fields have experienced minor flooding for the first time in a very long time. The water is slowly receding and paths and fields are passable using heavy duty truck.


    Damage photos from our fields are available on Facebook (click here)

    THANK YOU for your support through previous hurricanes and for your continued support as we work to fully recover from Irma on top of recovering from Matthew. We are truly blessed by your belief in us, our product and our field and operations teams.

    Your continued support of Fresh From Florida decorative greens and floral products is what keeps our families fed, our communities strong, and our local economies growing. We, our kids, our families, our churches, our schools, and our fellow local business owners greatly appreciate your support and business!

    From everyone at Alpha Fern Company... Thank You!

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    We offer a wide range of custom assembled handmade garlands by the foot. From leafy and round, to soft and plush, and unique textured styles, we have something for every event, special occasion, wedding, or season.

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    Need something instantaneous for your busy Christmas season? Want something to boost the productivity and profitability of your shop during your busiest season? Seasonal Sensations do just that. Our pre-greened containers are waiting for your final flourish of cut flower color - or can be sold as-is. You'll wonder how you ever got through a busy Christmas day without them!

  • Post Hurricane Updates

    For more information about hurricane damage at Alpha Fern Company and at other major fern and greenery farms in our area, please visit: http://www.ferndamage.com/

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    Grower & Shipper of Beautiful Cut Foliages & Cut Foliage Products Worldwide.

    In Business for more than 30 years. We offer a full line of cut foliages, wreaths, garlands, "DROP & GO" Bouquets, holiday greens, and our newest addition The Southern Holiday Home Decor Line! Don't be the last one to try our LATEST & GREATEST New Product - Simply Sympathy - our premade Wreath Forms.

    Joe Strickland


    Established in 1975, Alpha Fern Company has continued to expand and diversify their product offerings, product care and cutting practices staying consistent with the latest implementable Green Practices and New Marketplace trends. Joe has served on the board for the Florida Fern Co-Op, is a member of the FNGLA, and most recently is an integral founding member for the FLGA – The Florida Leatherleaf Growers Association.

    “This is what I know. I’ve been working in this industry and on this land for more than 45 years. We have been through deep freezes & hurricanes. We have had the most beautiful crops you would ever see and have been on the brink of total devastation from ice and wind. No matter what, God has brought us through the good times and the bad while NEVER having to miss filling our customers orders. This is what He has given me the opportunity to do and part of who He has designed me to be.”

    Jennifer Strickland

    Director, Sales & Marketing

    With a background in special event, wedding, and tradeshow floral management – Jennifer has not only grown up in the fern business, but also gotten to see & experience the floral industry from the wholesale, retail, & special event end of the spectrum. Always on the lookout for new foliage’s and a reinvention or re-purposing of our tried and true greens are always a personal mission of Jennifer’s.

    “What a rare opportunity I have had, being able to come back to my roots and learn valuable business and life skills from my Dad has been such an exciting experience for me. I have been able to use the skills I have learned at UCF and in the special event floral world to heighten and expand our product lines and hope to continue to stay on the edge of floral trends with our innovative and time saving products.”

    Dale Strickland

    Lead Farmer

    Dale is Joe’s younger, more mischievous brother – and a darn good farmer. He is in charge of our production, pest & disease control, and fernery maintenance. Like Joe, Dale has grew up in this business and has been growing cut foliages for most of his life and has been with Alpha Fern Company for more than 12 years.

    Buffi Smith

    Office Manager

    Buffi was a member of  Taylor High School’s Ornamental Horticulture Team throughout middle and high school. After college, she began a very successful career as a licensed massage therapist that spanned more than 14 years. Her love of horticulture and family brought her back to Alpha Fern Company early in 2013 where she has stepped right in sync with our day to day operations. “It feels so good to be back home working with family every day. I am anxious to begin shaping the next chapter of my life and teaching my children the value of farming.”

    Pam Walker

    Bookkeeping & Sales

    We're excited to have Pam on our staff. Pam boasts more than 16 years of experience in the cut foliage industry and helps in almost every facet of our daily operations. “Being away from the industry for the past year made it all the more apparent how much I love this industry. The joy and comfort our products bring to our customers in times of sorrow and celebration is a vital part of our culture and I am proud to have been apart of this wonderful industry for so long.”

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