October 18, 2022

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Foliage and filler greens play a critical role in enhancing the visual appearance of any floral design. From weddings and graduations to holiday events and other special occasions, filler greens are an essential part of floral arrangements that can affect the overall look for better or worse. 

Oftentimes, retail florists and other flower/foliage designers or re-sellers are looking for unique options they can sell that not only stand out but keep customers coming back for future events. And while there are many types of floral foliage on the market, the most eye-catching filler greens for bouquets are unique and create a one-of-a-kind look and feel for any occasion. 

The next time you’re ready to purchase greenery in bulk, check out these 10 unique filler greens that are sure to help pull together any bouquet or floral design:

  1. Blueberry Cedar — This long-lasting filler green is a truly unique and stunning floral green, blueberry cedar foliage includes small clusters of dusted blueberries within deep green foliage. It’s a great choice that adds a little extra stylistic and attention-grabbing flair to your arrangements and bouquets.
    Blueberry Cedar foliage laid on a table — filler greens for bouquets.
  2. Pittosporum — Pittosporum is the perfect filler green for bouquets. Its long, woody stems branch off into several lush laterals, making it a great foliage choice for achieving large, fuller-looking bouquets. Combine this filler green with any flower of your choice to create unique and memorable bouquets for any event or special occasion.
    Pittosporum foliage up close — filler greens for bouquets.
  3. Fresh Spanish Moss — Spanish Moss is another great option for creating unique floral arrangements that don’t follow the usual status quo. With its grayish-green color and atypical texture, Spanish Moss helps floral designers achieve looks that make a statement and go outside the box of traditional flower arrangements. Whether it’s as an accent piece or placed in the midst of a bouquet for a completely different type of look and feel, Spanish Moss is a versatile filler for many types of bouquets.
    Spanish moss hanging — filler greens for bouquets.
  4. Myrtle — Did you know that due to a history of folkloric stories and greek mythology, Myrtle is commonly associated with love? This symbolism makes Myrtle the perfect contender for ceremonies centered around love and unity, like weddings, anniversaries and more. Myrtle is made up of glossy, pointed leaves and woody stems. These features are great for creating an earthy look that’ll adorn any bouquet’s main florals while still making a statement as a filler green. Myrtle foliage — filler greens for bouquets.
  5. Rosemary — This unique filler green is another with a history of symbolism behind its stems. Rosemary symbolizes remembrance, love, loyalty and fidelity. This delicate, leafy green features needle-like, woody herbs and is great for accenting bouquets to create a more rustic-looking arrangement.
    close up of rosemary branches on a table — filler greens for bouquets.
  6. Maidenhair Fern — Maidenhair Fern adds a nice airy touch to bouquets and other arrangements with its palm-shaped fronds and delicate, thin stems and leaves, giving bouquets a unique, fun and whimsical look.
    closeup of maidenhair foliage.
  7. Salal Lemon Leaf — Salal Lemon Leaves are a versatile filler green for bouquets that feature a slightly wrinkled look, various shades of green and oval-shaped leaves. They can be used to complement flowers in a bouquet and make for a one-of-a-kind look with their thick, wiry stems. Plus, their thickness makes them easy to use in arrangements.
    Salal Lemon Leaf foliage — filler greens for bouquets.
  8. Galax — Galax leaves are dark green, heart-shaped filler greens that are great for creating a dominant leafy green look throughout bouquets. Galax leaves are flat and wide in appearance and they fan outward, making a bold and stylish statement in any floral design they’re featured in.
    Galax foliage.
  9. Bear Grass — Bear Grass leaves are narrow and coarse, resembling long blades of grass. This foliage’s length, hardiness and flexibility to be looped and tied makes it a versatile filler green for bouquets that’s fun and easy to create unique looks with. Plus, the string-like appearance of Bear Grass creates an aesthetically pleasing visual hierarchy when paired with just the right amount of flowers.
    bear grass foliage.
  10. Huck — Huck leaves are oval-shaped foliage with multiple sprigs on each stem, making them a pleasure for floral designers to get creative with. Huck is extremely durable and is great for adding a woodsy look and feel to bouquets and other arrangements.
    Closeup of Huck foliage used for filler greens for bouquets.

How Can I Buy Filler Greens for Bouquets in Bulk?

Greenery may not be your customers’ first thought when it comes to bouquets and other floral arrangements, but wholesalers and florists like you know that the greenery featured in a floral design can be the defining piece to the entire look of an arrangement. Access to unique filler greens is important for this reason, and so is where you purchase your bulk greenery from. 

That’s why, when you’re vetting your options, it’s important to thoroughly review the inventory, availability and seasonality limitations for each to ensure you’ll always have access to your first-choice foliage picks. This is especially crucial when it comes to unique foliage types that may not always be available year-round.

Working With Alpha Fern Means Access to Unique Foliage Year-Round

At Alpha Fern, we know how important it is to equip wholesalers and retail florists with greenery they can count on. Our team has been growing and harvesting fresh, home-cut greenery since 1975, and it’s been our mission from the start to provide quality foliage to customers like you every time.

If you’re ready to get started with Alpha Fern and would like to shop our unique filler greens for bouquets and more, sign up for an account and we’ll be in touch shortly!