December 14, 2023

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As winter’s chill sets in and the festive lights twinkle, our senses are awakened to the quintessential aromas of the holiday season. Among these, the fresh, pine-scented air evokes memories of holiday traditions and cozy nights by the fire. In this atmosphere of festive enchantment, the classic cedar garland serves as a symbol of the season’s warmth and joy.

This year, let’s embrace the holiday spirit by weaving fresh cedar garlands, intertwining the freshness of the forest with the magic of Christmas.

1. Enhancing Texture with Complementary Greenery

Cedar’s robust and earthy charm forms the heart of this garland, but when paired with complementary greenery, it transforms into a lush holiday spectacle. For a striking contrast, consider blending airy ferns like delicate plumosus asparagus, letting their feathery fronds add a wispy texture.

Additionally, magnolia branches interspersed throughout provide elegant architectural shapes, while dense boxwood fills spaces with tiny lush green leaves and provides volume to the slimmer cedar. You might also consider using ferns for their unique leaf structure or ruscus for its striking, spiky appearance, adding a bold textural contrast to the softer elements in the garland.

Thoughtfully combining textures helps create a bountiful, eye-catching holiday garland that oozes with holiday charm.

Two people in aprons adding the finishing touches to a luxurious cedar garland decorated with gold baubles, pinecones and twinkling lights.

2. Infusing Color Contrasts in Cedar Garlands

While a traditional cedar garland offers a palette of deep forest greens, weaving in pops of color provides refreshing visual appeal. Contrast the rich cedar with the unique azure tones of carolina sapphire greens — their cool blue-green hues stand out brightly. Vibrant red holly berries offer a classic holiday look, creating a striking visual against the cedar’s green.

For more subtle accents, incorporate herbaceous eucalyptus sprigs, which offer a light silvery-blue tint alongside sweet fruity fragrance. Or, dot in olive branches for more striking brightness thanks to silvery gray-green that create a striking visual against cedar’s deep green. Blending vibrant hues like these into the traditional cedar garland palette infuses new life into a beloved holiday staple.

3. Embellish Your Cedar Garland With Holiday-Themed Objects

Transform your cedar garland into a beacon of holiday cheer by incorporating elements of festivity. Consider weaving in strands of warm white LED lights to cast a cozy glow, illuminating the garland and surrounding space with the season’s magic. For a pop of color, add bold red ribbons, their vibrant hue pairing classic Christmas charm with the neutral cedar tones. Or go for a touch of glamour with shimmering gold or silver ribbons.

Carefully nestle in small clustered pinecones or dried botanicals reminiscent of a winter forest for an organic texture. Thoughtfully combine sparkling lights, vivid ribbons and natural accents to create a joyful holiday garland that expresses seasonal flair on top of the cedar’s inherent beauty.

4. Infuse Personal Touches

Offer your customers the option to personalize cedar garlands with custom touches. Suggest they add cherished ornaments for a meaningful sparkle within the boughs. Or, you can hand make velvet bows in their chosen favorite hues or styles for an intimate, personal touch. If you’re offering custom-made garland, ask them to bring in mementos or even photographs to infuse the garland with the unique spirit of their holiday story. Encourage them to think of the garland not just as greenery but as a canvas for their creativity and holiday message.

A warmly lit cedar garland adorned with red ribbons and festive ornaments winding down a wooden staircase railing.

5. Keep Your Garland Fresh

Regular care is crucial to maintaining the lushness and vibrancy of your cedar garland throughout the season. Lightly misting the garland will help keep the foliage fresh and prevent it from drying out. Avoid placing it near direct heat sources, such as heaters or direct sunlight, which can speed up drying. With proper care, your cedar garland will remain a beautiful and fragrant part of your holiday decorations all season long.

A person decorating a cedar garland with dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks.

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