November 21, 2023

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Ferns as festive table decorations offer a unique way to infuse the holiday season with warmth, togetherness and the creation of lasting memories. Bringing nature indoors during this festive time adds to the spirit of one’s home, and incorporating the timeless elegance of ferns into your holiday tablescapes does just that. Let’s explore the enchanting world of ferns and discover how you can use them to elevate your customer’s holiday dining experiences.

Increase Your Sales with Festive Holiday Tablescapes Made From Ferns

Ferns are known for their lush, feathery foliage, which evokes a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. Incorporating these verdant wonders into your holiday tablescapes offer your customers several benefits:

  • Elegant Aesthetic: Infuse a touch of sophistication into every setting by integrating ferns. Watch as they elevate an ordinary table into a visual masterpiece.
  • Versatility: Embrace the diversity of ferns! With various shapes and sizes, this greenery proves to be remarkably versatile, harmonizing with a wide variety of holiday décor themes. Whether your customers prefer a traditional or contemporary look, ferns are the perfect complement.
  • Year-Round Appeal: Break free from the seasonal norm! Unlike traditional holiday decorations, ferns offer appeal that can be appreciated throughout the year. This not only adds a sustainable touch but also proves to be a cost-effective choice for your customers.

Selecting the Right Ferns for Your Holiday Tablescapes

When it comes to selecting the right ferns to craft your holiday tablescapes with, you have several options to consider. Some popular choices include:

  • Holly Fern: A versatile and evergreen fern variety known for its distinctive holly-shaped fronds, Holly Fern is a popular choice for adding a unique touch to holiday-themed arrangements.
  • Arborvitae: Arborvitae branches, with their rich greenery and pleasant scent, make for an elegant and aromatic table accent, perfect for adding a touch of nature to your customers’ holiday dining decor.
  • Leyland Cypress: This fern’s soft, feathery texture and vibrant green color can help you create a charming and fragrant table accent.
  • Plumosus Asparagus: With delicate, airy fronds, this fern offers an enchanting and graceful table accent, infusing a sense of natural elegance into your customers’ dining decor.

How to Create Fern-Centric Holiday Tablescapes

A festive table setting featuring a holiday centerpiece with candles, a pie, roasted vegetables, all under soft lighting.

Now, let’s explore how to create stunning tablescapes with ferns:

  • Fern Table Runner: Craft an enchanting table runner for your clients’ dining tables by arranging a lush bed of fern fronds down the center. Elevate the look by placing candles and ornaments to infuse a touch of magic into the setting.
  • Fern Place Settings: Impress their guests with memorable and eco-friendly party favors with small potted ferns that can be placed at each setting. As a florist, you can curate a distinctive touch for every guest, enhancing the overall ambiance of the event.
  • Fern Centerpieces: Showcase your artistic flair by designing stunning centerpieces featuring large ferns. Surround the focal points with seasonal accents like pinecones, holly or ornaments to create a festive and visually striking display for any occasion.
  • Fern Garland: Transform the dining space with a rustic yet elegant flair by winding fern garlands around dining chairs or along the table’s edge. As a florist, you have the opportunity to bring a unique charm to the event space, capturing attention with this nature-inspired decor.
  • Fern-Chic Tableware: As you create floral arrangements, consider recommending tableware with fern patterns or motifs. This thoughtful touch ties the entire theme together, allowing your florist expertise to extend beyond flowers and into the cohesive design of the entire table setting.

All Your Fern Needs in One Place

Discover how Alpha Fern can help you in fulfilling all your fern-related needs, ensuring that your customers can enjoy the beauty and charm of ferns throughout the holiday season and beyond. Whether they’re preparing for an elaborate holiday gathering or an intimate family dinner, our diverse selection of ferns can help you create a captivating and memorable dining experience, making this holiday season truly enchanting for every customer.

Consider introducing the timeless allure of ferns into festive table decorations this season and contact us today!