July 27, 2021

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There is a special excitement in that moment when you unpack your fresh evergreen wreath. Every year, we see thousands of wreaths decorate thousands of doorways and living room walls and table centerpieces. Living evergreen wreaths are more beautiful, vibrant and fragrant than their dry or plastic counterparts. A fresh evergreen wreath brings life to your doorway and color to your holiday celebrations. But just how long can that wreath last?

Every fresh wreath lasts a certain amount of time based on the temperature, moisture, light level and water supply. Where you keep your wreath and the climate around your home both play a major role in how long a fresh evergreen wreath lasts.

How Long do Wreaths Last?    

  • Indoors: 3 weeks
  • Outdoors (Cold): 6 to 8 weeks
  • Outdoors (Warm/Dry): 4 to 6 weeks

Live Wreath Lifespan Indoors

Three Weeks

Indoor wreaths have the shortest lifespan because it is warm and often dry indoors during the winter. Evergreen wreaths last the longest in their natural environment, a cold yet humid climate. Cold helps to preserve your wreath in the same manner that refrigeration keeps produce fresh. Inversely, this is why wreaths decay the fastest in a warm room.

Evergreen centerpieces and indoor wreaths tend to last about three weeks. You may want to plan replacement wreaths for fresh decorations all season long.

How to Make an Indoor Wreath Last Longer

Indoor wreaths can be kept fresh with water, waxing and cool rooms. Wreaths placed on a table as a centerpiece can sit in bowls of water and glycerine to help them stay hydrated and fresh longer. Place your wreaths in cool rooms, in the furthest location from heater vents and fireplaces. Clip any dry ends on your wreath branch stalks and set the stalks in a moist bowl or cloth so they can soak up moisture. 

Live Wreath Outdoors in Cold Weather

Six to Eight Weeks

Live evergreen wreaths last the longest when hung in a shady spot outdoors in cold weather. Classic winter vistas with snowy holidays are ideal for a long-lasting and beautiful holiday wreath. The most evergreen of the fresh wreaths hang on front doors in shaded porches where the climate is just right.

The cold weather preserves your wreath like refrigeration. It keeps the needles stiff and reduces moisture lost to evaporation through the leaves. Higher humidity and a snowy environment also encourage a longer lifespan for your wreath, as it takes much longer to dry out. For this reason, live wreaths can last between six to eight weeks in cold outdoor weather and indirect sunlight.

As you may have guessed, you can make a few smart choices to increase the lifespan of your own outdoor wreath, whether or not your climate is nice and cold, creating crisp needles and condensed water.

Care Tips for an Outdoor Wreath

Outdoor wreaths survive best out of direct sunlight. Choose a place to hang your natural wreath that never (or rarely) receives direct sunbeams. This will reduce the heat and evaporation experienced by the wreath and further its lifespan. You can also get creative and introduce shade for your wreath with a little remodeling of your front porch. Sunny porches will go through wreaths quickly while shady, cold porches will see wreathes last for a surprisingly long time.

Live Wreath Outdoors in Warm or Dry Weather

Four to Six Weeks

The most taxing situation for a natural wreath is a sunny porch in a warm climate, especially if the air is dry. Dry air and sunlight both accelerate evaporation. This saps moisture from your wreath, causing it to dry out and become brittle more quickly. These wreaths are extremely fragrant but they also decay and fall apart sooner than wreaths in the shade and wreaths in cold, moist climates.

Many people who love a fresh evergreen wreath also live somewhere with fairly warm holiday seasons. You can also enjoy living with evergreen decorations all year, not just around the holidays. During these times expect an outdoor wreath to last between four and six weeks.

How to Make a Warm-Weather Wreath Last Longer

A wreath in warm weather faces a multi-front challenge to staying fresh. It must maintain moisture in the stem and needles and also avoid getting too warm. Start by hanging your natural wreath in the shade, but there are other steps you can take. Soaking your wreath helps it to last longer, as can spraying it with a way anti-desiccant spray that coats the leaves to prevent moisture loss. Water bulbs on the stems and regular misting can extend the life of your wreath even in adverse weather conditions on your front door.

Preparing Your Wreath to Last Longer

Most fresh evergreen wreaths last between three and eight weeks. That’s two months of fresh greenery, maximum, and is still a great deal for fresh clipped plantlife as decorations. With a little preparation, your wreaths can last even longer. Soak the plain evergreen branches in water for up to 24 hours before you decorate and hang the wreath. 

Mist your wreath with a spray bottle to give the needles new life and provide the stems with moisture. Floating in a bowl of water and glycerine can also enhance the longer-term freshness of your wreath.

When to Order a Fresh Wreath Before Events

How long should you order a fresh evergreen wreath before a special event or holiday? It depends on your climate and where you plan to hold the event. However, two weeks early is often a safe margin to have your wreath prepared and pre-decorated – and still fresh – when your event commences.

Keep your wreath refrigerated if you order it early and only have indoors or warm weather to store the wreath before your event.

How Long do Evergreen Wreaths Last?

Fresh wreaths last between three and eight weeks, depending on the storage conditions. Refrigerated or outdoors in the cold, your wreath will last the longest. Indoors or outdoors in warm weather,  your wreath will last the shortest. A well-hydrated and waxed wreath lasts longer while a hot and dry wreath decays faster.

When should you order your fresh evergreen wreath? How long will your natural wreath last? Contact us to complete your fresh wreath plans.