May 29, 2024

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7 Plants You Should Stock for Summer as a Floral Designer

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, summer ushers in a bustling season of weddings, parties and outdoor events. It also brings a diverse array of stunning plants that allow florists and designers to truly let their creativity shine, experimenting with bold and striking foliage to craft remarkable floral arrangements.

From dazzling centerpieces for summer weddings to refreshing greenery for corporate events and outdoor parties, the right selection of summer plants can make all the difference. Choosing plants that thrive in the summer heat ensures your designs remain fresh and captivating, no matter the occasion.

Care and Maintenance: Tolerates heat, moderate watering, prefers indirect sunlight

Glossy green leaves of Monstera with distinctive splits and holes, covered in water droplets.

1. Monstera, Split Leaf Philodendron

Monstera, Split Leaf Philodendron, is a popular summer foliage with its large, glossy leaves, each adorned with distinctive splits and holes. This tropical beauty thrives in summer, loving the heat but preferring indirect sunlight, making it perfect for indoor events or shaded areas at outdoor events. Monstera’s dramatic leaf shape doesn’t just add visual interest; it brings an architectural flair to any arrangement. For a lush, exotic vibe, pair it with vibrant, colorful blooms or other tropical foliage like Sago Palm. Want a modern twist? Contrast Monstera’s bold leaves with Ming Fern’s fine, wispy texture.

Care and Maintenance: Tolerates heat, moderate watering, prefers indirect sunlight

Alt text: A view looking up from underneath the broad, dark green leaves of Aspidistra.

2. Aspidistra 

With its broad, dark green, hardy leaves, Aspidistra, also known as the Cast Iron Plant, creates a rich, tropical look that can anchor summer arrangements. Its sleek foliage provides an ideal base to build upon with bright accents and elements. 

Aspidistra’s versatility makes it suitable for a variety of designs. Use it to ground an all-foliage arrangement with complementary textures, or let it serve as a base for bright accents and elements in a more colorful display. Whether used prominently or subtly, Aspidistra brings depth and structure to your summer creations.

For an arrangement that places Aspidistra center stage, pair it with the full, feathery fronds of Coontie. Or, incorporate Aspidistra with the lighter, airy textures of Plumosus for an appealing contrast.

Care and Maintenance: Extremely heat and drought tolerant, low water needs, tolerates low light

Close-up of the fine, feathery fronds of a Roebellini Palm, showcasing their elegant and arching structure.

3. Roebellini

Roebellini, known for its elegant, arching fronds and fine, feathery leaves, adds a touch of flair and height to any summer arrangement. This subtropical palm is well-adapted to heat and can tolerate full sun to partial shade, making it perfect for outdoor summer events or bright, sunny indoor spaces. Its graceful fronds bring movement to any floral design.

For a Mediterranean-inspired look, pair Roebellini with the sturdy stems and silvery-green foliage of Olive Branches, which provide a beautiful contrast to its delicate texture. Alternatively, pair it with Monstera to create a lush, exotic arrangement.

Care and Maintenance: Heat tolerant, moderate watering, prefers full sun to partial shade

Glossy, dark green Lemon Leaf foliage with oval-shaped leaves.

4. Lemon Leaf

Lemon Leaf (Salal), with its glossy, leathery oval leaves, brings fullness and a fresh green backdrop to summer arrangements. Its subtle lemon-like aroma also adds a refreshing fragrance to any space. Whether used generously to create a dense, garden-like appearance or sparingly to highlight focal flowers, Lemon Leaf adds depth and structure to your designs. 

For a cohesive look, consider combining Lemon Leaf with the robust fronds of Leatherleaf Fern, which match its texture and offer different shades of green. Alternatively, mix it with the fronds of Holly Fern to add a varied texture and interest to an arrangement.

Care and Maintenance: Potentially heat-tolerant, moderate watering needs, prefers bright, indirect light

Large, distinctive leaves of Aralia set against a lush green background.

5. Aralia 

Aralia, with its large, distinctive leaves, is a showstopper in floral designs. Aralia’s shape lends a dramatic touch to summer arrangements. Use Aralia as a focal point by letting its eye-catching leaves take center stage with just a few simple flower accents. Alternatively, integrate it into textured arrangements alongside complementary foliage like Protea for a rich, layered look. 

To create a modern aesthetic, combine Aralia with Blueberry Cedar foliage for pops of soft blue, perfect for a summer gathering. For a more earthy, natural arrangement, accent Aralia with Aroma Pine, which lends a warm scent and textural contrast.

Foxtail Fern plants with bright green, bushy foliage growing among rocks in a garden setting.

6. Foxtail Fern

Foxtail Fern features dense, bushy foliage with needle-like leaves that radiate outward in a cylindrical pattern, giving dimension and a unique texture. Foxtail Fern’s aesthetic lends an ethereal look that contrasts beautifully with bolder foliage or floral elements in an arrangement.

Pair it with the tall, architectural stems of Tree Fern to provide height and linear structure, contrasting beautifully with Foxtrail Fern’s soft, bushy texture. Or incorporate Pittosporum to add pops of white, cream or yellow from their variegated foliage, complementing the emerald green of Foxtail Fern.

Care and Maintenance: Tolerates heat, low water needs, prefers partial shade

Close-up of vibrant green Plumosus foliage with its characteristic feathery, needle-like leaves

7. Plumosus

Plumosus features light, feathery foliage that brings a graceful quality to summer arrangements. Its slender, wiry stems are covered in soft, needle-like leaflets, creating a cascading, vining effect that adds a whimsical touch to any design.

Use Plumosus to soften designs by allowing its foliage to spill elegantly over the sides of vases or containers. It also works beautifully as an accent filler, enhancing showier florals. For a cool color palette, accent Plumosus with the blue-toned stems of Carolina Sapphire. Alternatively, combine it with Roebellini to create a layered look with varied textures that add depth to your arrangements.

Care and Maintenance: Heat tolerant, moderate watering, prune regularly

A summer floral arrangement featuring white orchids, Aspidistra and other lush tropical plants.

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