February 20, 2024

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Spring awakens the landscape with a kaleidoscope of colors, a perfect muse for any florist when creating their spring floral arrangements. Ferns, with their lush greenery and diverse textures, offer an endless palette of creativity for your spring floral arrangements.

From delicate maidenhair to bold leatherleaf, ferns provide versatility in shape, texture and hue. They effortlessly complement spring blooms like tulips, roses and peonies. Here, we’ll explore four tips for using ferns in your spring floral arrangements.

Top-down shot of a person's hands as they arrange a spring arrangement of purple and pink flowers and ferns on a dark wooden table with a lit candle and a cup of coffee nearby.

1. Create Dimension and Texture in Your Spring Floral Arrangement

Ferns are your secret weapon for adding volume, texture and depth to spring floral arrangements. Each variety offers something unique. With fronds as delicate as lace, maidenhair ferns create a scene of serene beauty. Sword ferns add structure to spring designs with their straight, upright fronds, creating a striking contrast against the softer shapes of seasonal blooms. Foxtail ferns, with their fluffy texture and needle-like fronds, inject a playful dimension, while their vivid green subtly enhances spring’s soft pastels. 

Layer different types of ferns to achieve a gradient of green that adds depth to your arrangements. This layering technique can mimic the natural progression of spring’s palette, from the tender greens of early spring to the richer tones of late spring, providing a dynamic backdrop for the seasonal blooms.

Here are some tips to further build volume and dimension in your arrangements:

  • Use a Layering Technique: Employ a strategy of layering ferns of varying textures and lengths to build volume from the base up. Start with denser ferns for foundation, then add dimension with lighter ferns, creating a lush, multi-tiered effect.
  • Incorporate Variegated Varieties for Visual Interest: Incorporate ferns with variegated or patterned foliage, such as cleopatra ferns, to add visual interest and depth without overwhelming the arrangement with color.

2. Play With Color in Your Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring is a season painted in the vivid hues of nature’s awakening, where every color tells a story of renewal and growth. Ferns offer variety in your arrangement with their range of verdant hues. Leatherleaf’s sturdy fronds offer a deep olive green that contrasts the soft pastels of spring. Meanwhile, the feathery, bright green of plumosus pairs well with spring colors and introduces a whimsical charm.

Ferns cover every hue of green, from the chartreuse tones of tree ferns to the emerald green of ming ferns, amplifying the vibrancy of surrounding blooms. 

Position ferns strategically to draw attention to the colors you wish to highlight. Placing darker ferns behind lighter-colored blooms can deepen the arrangement’s visual impact, while lighter ferns can bring forward and brighten darker floral hues. Or, alternate different fern varieties to create striking color blocks within the arrangement.

A spring floral arrangement featuring pink roses and white blossoms, accented with green fern leaves, laying on top of the hood of a white car.

3. Incorporate Ferns in Various Arrangement Styles

Ferns’ versatility allows them to adapt seamlessly to any occasion and style, whether it’s a pastel-hued Easter brunch or a spectacular Mother’s Day bouquet. Ferns can bridge the gap between different elements in an arrangement, softening transitions and blending colors and textures into a harmonious whole. They are, in essence, the thread that ties the narrative of spring’s floral arrangements together.

No matter what theme you’re going for, ferns can adapt. Here are some examples of how to incorporate them into any aesthetic:

Classic Elegance: For arrangements that speak to timeless elegance, the sleek lines of sword ferns or the gentle arcs of flat ferns can elevate traditional wedding bouquets and holiday centerpieces.

Rustic Charm: Arrangements in this style come alive with the earthy texture of tree ferns or the robust presence of leatherleaf ferns, perfect for compositions that embrace the wildness of nature.

Modern Minimalism: In minimalist designs, the singular use of a statement fern, like the tropical fronds of the coontie fern, can make a dramatic statement that complements contemporary styles.

Wearable Florals: Ferns like the delicate maidenhair or vivid ming fern can be woven into wearable pieces, adding a touch of nature’s elegance to corsages, boutonnieres or floral crowns, perfect for spring weddings or proms.

4. Pair Ferns with Seasonal Blooms and Foliage

The true magic of incorporating ferns into spring arrangements lies in their ability to enhance and elevate other seasonal blooms and foliage. Pairing ferns with spring’s bounty — tulips, daffodils, peonies and lilacs — creates a harmonious botanical tableau, where each fern’s unique texture or shade of green enhances the flowers’ beauty. They also add layers of depth when combined with the silvery tones of eucalyptus or the striking dark hue of ruscus.

Wispy fern fronds contrast beautifully against broad, bi-color magnolia leaves while trailing ferns mingle effortlessly with ivy vines. Pittosporum introduces an additional layer of texture with its light, airy foliage, pairing nicely with vivid-colored ferns.

A florist tying a string around a vibrant bouquet with a variety of flowers, including bright ferns.

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