Curly Willow

Curly Willow branches are long, slender and naturally spiraled, offering a distinctive texture and dynamic visual appeal for many uses.

Product Description

Bring a delightful whimsy to any project with Curly Willow. Each bunch consists of numerous stems featuring the characteristic twist and twirl that Curly Willow is known for.   From avant-garde art pieces to classic bouquets, the dynamic shapes of Curly Willow are creative and versatile. They serve as fantastic focal points or subtle backdrops that add depth and movement to your floral compositions.    We offer Curly Willow stems directly sourced from our Florida farm, ensuring each stem you receive is as fresh as it is beautiful. Each order comes with our 100% quality assurance, guaranteeing your satisfaction.   Stem Count: 10 Stem Length: 36″-48″

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