Eucalyptus, Assorted Varieties

Eucalyptus, with its fragrant, silvery-green leaves, offers versatility and a touch of elegance.

Product Description

More than just visual beauty, Eucalyptus varieties create a calm, refined ambiance. Each bunch is a generous collection of sturdy stems laden with rich, round leaves known for their pleasing fragrance and silvery-green hue. Its robust leaves are perfect for creating lush, textured backdrops in bouquets or adding a touch of greenery to wreaths and garlands.  We ensure our Florida-grown Eucalyptus is hand-selected for freshness and vitality, guaranteeing that each bunch is cut at the peak of perfection. With our commitment to quality, every order is 100% backed, ensuring you’re completely satisfied. Stem Count: Varies through the year Stem Length: See variety for average length

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