November 1, 2022

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If you’re someone who often works with flower arrangements, greenery and other floral design elements, you know just how vital filler greenery is to achieving the perfect bouquet, centerpiece, garland and other decorative event pieces. For some, filler greenery is often an afterthought, but at Alpha Fern, we know wholesalers and florists like you need foliage that’s going to make an impact on any floral arrangement. Something that adds layers, texture and depth.

Every great floral design begins with quality filler greenery. And if you’re like many who need to order in bulk, you need to know you’re buying from a source that not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help ensure you know what to look for when selecting a go-to supplier.

Filler greenery used in floral arrangements.

When Purchasing Filler Greens, Do Look For:

100% Guarantee on Your Bulk Greenery Purchases

You’ll first want to look for products that are backed by a 100% guarantee so you can rest assured that your foliage will always arrive looking fresh, of the highest quality and ready to be used to create arrangements customers will love. But in the event you receive sub-par filler greenery that doesn’t meet your expectations, working with a transparent supplier that guarantees either your money back or replacement foliage makes all the difference to ensure your customers get the final products you strive to deliver them.

The Ability to Choose From a Large Variety of Filler Greens

There are hundreds of filler greens you can choose from to spruce up your floral designs, bouquets, centerpieces and more. However, not all foliage suppliers offer a wide variety, which can limit your options for customers to get excited about. Before settling on a foliage supplier to purchase from in bulk, make sure they check off all your boxes for things like variety, specific foliage types and their ability to fill your orders on time.

A Supplier Who Can Ensure Quality & Quantity

Working with a foliage supplier that can guarantee both quality and quantity (and hold themselves accountable if they under-deliver) is arguably the most important thing to look for when purchasing filler greenery in bulk. 

If a supplier can’t keep up with your demand and meet your requirements for quality, your customers will be the ones to suffer, putting your business in a bad light. Before placing any bulk quantity order from a supplier, be straightforward with them about your needs and how often you’ll need a specific quantity met so they can provide you with a solution before demand becomes an issue.

Female florist cutting stems and filler greenery for a floral arrangement.

When Purchasing Filler Greens, Don’t Settle For:

Suppliers That Aren’t Flexible in Working With Your Needs

As with any business, you need to work with a communicative supplier that’s flexible to work with you each step of the way. Building an open relationship with your foliage supplier is a two-way relationship, and the value of being communicative with customer inquiries, unexpected delays, solutions to problems, estimated arrivals and more is crucial. Before placing a bulk foliage order, be inquisitive about who you’re ordering from and how they handle customer concerns.

Suppliers That Can’t Guarantee Timely Shipping

In a post-pandemic world, this is a big one. The fate of your business rests on the bulk foliage provider you decide to work with and whether they can meet your shipping needs. Evaluate just how often you’ll need orders fulfilled and communicate openly with your supplier about if this is realistic for them. 

It’s also worth exploring ways to expedite and automate this process through your bulk foliage provider to ensure you don’t have to chase down the filler greenery you need, or worse, be waiting on it while your customers place orders elsewhere.

Suppliers That Only Offer a Limiting Number of Products

Filler greenery is widely diverse, meaning there are hundreds of foliage types you can choose from to create floral arrangements that stand out from the crowd. When selecting a foliage supplier to purchase in bulk from, consider their offerings and ask about a comprehensive list of the foliage types they’re able to provide as well as any seasonality considerations you may need to be aware of for upcoming orders. The more products a bulk foliage supplier can offer you, the more you’ll be able to provide your customers in return.

Hands of woman florist designing a bouquet on black table and cutting filler greenery.

Place Your Bulk Filler Greenery Order With Alpha Fern Today

When you work with Alpha Fern, you’ll always receive timely, quality filler greens backed by a 100%-satisfaction guarantee (no matter the quantity), ensuring you have a continuous supply of greenery to keep your business growing. 

We offer a wide range of solutions for florists and wholesalers and are widely known for our premium time-saving solutions that many of our customers rave about. 

Ready to get started with Alpha Fern? Create an account now, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your unique floral foliage needs. From fresh-cut foliage and pre-greened time-savers to wreaths and garlands, we’ll help you fulfill your order with foliage that will keep your customers coming back for more.